2019/07/05 - Britt Pavillion - Jacksonville, OR


Set 1: Out Of Order, JaJunk > The Pequod > Phil’s Farm, Utopian Fir[1], You & You Alone, Life During Exodus

Set 2: It Doesn’t Matter, Miami Virtue > JaJunk, Night Nurse > Puppet String[2] > Miss Tinkle’s Overture

Encore: Booth Love[3]

[1] with Layla (Derek and the Dominos) jam and quote
[2] with Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zeppelin) teases
[3] with Off the Wall (Michael Jackson) teases

2 days after a stellar show in Anaheim, UM graces southern Oregon with their presence and throw down a pretty solid show here!

The OoO opener is a good way to kick this one off. The JaJunk > Pequod > Phil’s segment is excellent, as is the Fir that follows. You & You Alone isn’t bad, but it’s always standard and not exactly a song that I would chase anyways. Life During Exodus makes for a very fun closer to the first set.

The 2nd set is stellar. Nice version of It Doesn’t Matter gets the ball rolling. The Virtue is a very nice dance jam with a > into the ending of JaJunk. Night Nurse > Puppet > Tinkle’s is an awesome listen. And how do you go wrong with a Booth Love encore?

Great show! Not quite as strong as Anaheim, but it’s absolutely worth checking out.


perfect venue. the show “sold out” despite being 65-75% capacity. the waitress at breakfast the next morning told me her and her husband tried to get walk-up tickets but were shut out.

found it interesting that they lowered the tickets below capacity.