2019/03/21 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

Set 1: Seasons, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Professor Wormbog [1], Roulette , Uncommon > The Bottom Half, Comma Later > Andy’s Last Beer

Set 2: The Silent Type, Dump City, Whistle Kids, Phil’s Farm > Nemo > Phil’s Farm, Preamble > Mantis [2] -> Believe the Lie

Encore: Cinnamon Girl [3] > Mantis

[1] with Eruption (Van Halen) tease
[2] with Born Under a Bad Sign (William Bell/Booker T. Jones) teases
[3] with Robbie Williams on “vocals”

with Uncommon tease before Roulette
last Cinnamon Girl [10.16.2013]

BUMP. This show is remarkable. If you care, here is my 2 cents. Probably top 10 in 2019, and that’s worth some salt since we all know how strong 2019 was. The Milk being the first meat of the show is a great bounceback leading into a short but sweet Wormbog with a really cool Jake ADD-metal juxtaposition with the ending of Wormbog. Roulette, Uncommon > tBH is pretty nice setlisting imo. The Comma jam in no slouch either. I like ALB, I enjoy the odd meter prog feel so pretty much a perfect 1st set.

Silent Type is nothing too crazy but it does start the with a nice little dance jam. Really all about this Dump City, it doesn’t get talked about enough, many distinct sections that all return to the opening theme for a really nice peak. Phil’s has a nice metal jam in it, again, short but sweet. Mantis -> BtL is some emotional UM and I think it’s a great way to end a set. Cinnamon Girl cover > finishing Mantis is a good encore if you’re not gonna get an attempt at some improv. I had fun at this one if you can’t tell

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Agreed that this show is A+ UM. Easily the best show I saw last year (and probably in the last 4 or 5 years)

This show is sooo enjoyable to listen to. Song selection and jams are top shelf, and the Milk is still probably my favorite jam of 2019. That peak w/ Brendan and Jake fully locked in to each other’s playing, it’s just so good. Comma jam w/ Jake on keys crushes; that Pony & Bayliss riff that they keep coming back to is pretty dope.

This show is the start of my favorite stretch of UM from 2019, from 3/21 through 4/4. In those seven there are basically four absolute classics and three other very strong shows.

This is a great “Show for Newbies” to compare the best of yesterday to the best of current day UM. They give you a little bit of everything here and like mentioned above you can just listen to this whole show start to finish and it’s fire nearly all the way through. Easily in my top 3 of one of the strongest years for UM ever.

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Anniversary bump for this great show


Thanks for reminding me to listen to this one. What a great time, can’t believe it’s already been 2 years

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