2018/05/18 - The Strand - Providence, RI

Set 1: Intro > Bad Friday[1], Plunger > Push the Pig, Nothing Too Fancy[2] > Upward, Whistle Kids -> Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: Intentions Clear > It Doesn’t Matter[3], Bridgeless -> Speak Up > Utopian Fir[4] > Bridgeless

Encore: Waiting Room, 40’s Theme[5]

[1] with Ain
[2] with Ain’t Talkin’ 'bout Love (Van Halen) tease
[3] with The Fuzz teases
[4] with Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine) jam and quote
[5] with Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) (Pink Floyd) teases

Support : The Trongone Band
Purchase via UMLive : 05.18.2018, The Strand, Providence, RI

Birthday show post. Didn’t remember much about this one, but it’s actually pretty great. Good improv in basically every possible spot (including whistle and a set 1 intro)

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Happy bday dude

just show birthday not mine haha

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Lol it’s definitely Monday morning…

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Yeah this show is actually one of the more jammed out shows…ever? Seems odd but it really is. Improv everywhere.

I wish I remembered this show. Damn alcohol