2017/06/02 - Music Farm - Columbia, SC

HBD to one of my favorites attended. Couldn’t find a thread for this one.

Highlights include Sweetness, Cut Off, and FF. But the whole thing is worth a listen

Set 1: Lord Bail Ship > Domino Theory, Nemo > Sweetness > Nemo, Water, Cut Off > No Comment > Go to Hell

Set 2: Hurt Bird Bath, Cemetery Walk, FF[1] > Example 1, Phil’s Farm > Comma Later -> Phil’s Farm, Cemetery Walk II

Encore: Lenny

[1] with Jessica (Allman Brothers Band) teases; with Jake on keys

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That FF is the shit!!

Listened again today. Forgot how much I love the Phil’s segment too. This show is the bidness

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2nd HBB jam is a crusher too.

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The 2nd set is pretty amazing, and it’s probably why this is my go-to show of '17.

This is probably the last truly superlative show I saw from UM, and the venue is less than two miles from my place!

I was also on a date with a girl I had just met and proceeded to see for a while. It didn’t end too well, so I guess in the end it’s a good and bad night to look back on.

Anniversary bump. So glad I decided to make it down for this birthday gem. One of those shows where the setlist doesn’t look super special on paper (except Water, which was great) but every single jam delivers. I need more Cut Off jams like this one in my life…


I remember this show being a heater. Haven’t listened in a while. That should change


One of 2017’s best shows! I love that FF as I’ve stated before. Also that Domino gets nice and heavy. Not quite Ashland ‘14 heavy but it’s awesome.

Awww yeah 2nd set is so good. FF is a monster

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