2014/10/29 - Forum Theatre - Binghamton, NY

2014/10/29 - Forum Theatre - Binghamton, NY

Set 1: Jekyll & Hyde > Robot World > Walletsworth, Rocker Part 2, Anchor Drops > Get In The Van, Comma Later > Smell the Mitten, Plunger

Set 2: Search 4, Much Obliged[1] > Yoga Pants > Hurt Bird Bath[2], 2x2 > Final Word > 2x2, Reelin’ in the Years, Conduit

Encore: Good Ol’ Boys, Wife Soup

[1] with 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon) jam
[2] with Domino Theory teases

Happy birthday good show

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MO > Yoga Pants > HBB is an A+ segment. Jaw dropping jam in that bird bath, one of the best versions ever.

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I listened yesterday as well. What a gem.

God damn I miss seeing this band.


Great bump I love this show. One of my top 10 for sure. Thanks for bumping this one, good Plunger, RW and HBB and the flow is real nice. I picked the correct 2 shows to go to; as I almost went to Halloween but so glad I went to the 10/29-30 instead.

Great bump. Listened to this HBB a couple days ago. Then listened like 10 more times. So good


Happy Birthday to a great show! Plunger & HBB are the top shelf stuff. Then RW, Rocker Pt II, Comma > Mitten, MO, and Conduit are solid to above average jams.

Fun times!

Happy birthday to me listening to my first search 4 through headphones and snow cones while vomiting red wine in the private balcony bathroom that @opsopcopolis got us access to for being Chris Mitchell’s son


Access has its perks.

I love this one. Probably my fav 2014 show


Also had headphones for this and I’m glad I did because this venue sounded horrendous

Also got #backstage Dopapod passes because of @Whinergetsnothing being friends with the Goose percussion guy


Was that when Aaron was their perc player?

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This bird bath is so good, absolute all timer



At the time? No, he was the manager(?) for dopapod. Goose came after that.

I forgot about this one, gotta spin this today.