2014/07/05 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

2014/07/05 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

Set 1: Lucid State[1] > Conduit > Cut the Cable, JaJunk > Ocean Billy > Gents[2] > Ocean Billy, All In Time, End of the Road, Educated Guess[1], Hollywood Nights

Set 2: Little Gift, Bridgeless > Bad Friday[3], Dump City, Slacker, Wappy Sprayberry > JaJunk

Encore: Ophelia[4], Hajimemashite > Bridgeless

[1] debut, original
[2] partial
[3] with Dominic Lalli on saxophone
[4] with Gabriel Mervine on trumpet, Matt Pitts on saxophone, and Jans Ingber on vocals

Support: Moon Taxi and The Motet

Really enjoyed this show. My sister had a great time as well. to see them in a half empty Schuba’s or Park West in the early Kris days to seeing them at Red Rocks for their first sell out was really cool for her.

Dump, Slacker, Wappy > Jajunk Pt. II is a great way to close a set. The wappy was great, not close to JOTY, but a great rock version. Ophelia was amazing live.

Tipped the fuck outta the vodka lemonade guy so I could get doubles all night and I strongly regret that move. Stayed at an airbnb at 8,500 feet and I was fucked the next morning. Bloody, yet somehow dry nose and a railroad spike through my head.

Just listened to this one the other day and thought it was pretty subpar… Second set was alright, but man that first set is rooouuuughhh

Gonna have to agree with you there, thank god it was my first time at Red Rocks so I was in a bit of a daze anyways. Love the 2nd set though cause I was there and feeling good.

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This is probably my least fav show out of all the RR shows I saw. (2011,2014,2015,2016,2017,2019) First Time I caught Gents though. Ophelia was sick as fuck and I was jumping for joy when I heard the opening cord. But getting Hollywood nights was suuuuuch a fucking bummer. I feel like ive caught like 8-9 of them.