2014/03/12 - Ashland Armory - Ashland, OR

2014/03/12 - Ashland Armory - Ashland, OR

Set 1: Cummins Lies > Cemetery Walk, Kabump[1] -> Phil’s Farm, Syncopated Strangers, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi > Thin Air

Set 2: Domino Theory, Mail Package, Plunger[2] -> Nemo > Dear Lord > Nemo, The Song Remains the Same > Cemetery Walk II

Encore: August

[1] with Phil’s Farm teases
[2] with All Things Ninja jam; lost power mid song, jam was continued after power was restored

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult) was teased before August

I remember on the old Bort that @Bron-yr-Aur and I debated whether this show or the 3/06 Seattle one was the best of the 2014 PacNW tour. While I sided with Seattle for years, I have to concede at this point and go with Ashland. Had I seen this one in person, I would have lost my mind!

I remember posting this setlist as the show unfolded via Twitter, and @Albert.Ross was texting me some details as well, proving to be a huge help!

Great fucking show!

Ha! Both shows are absolutely great, might have to put on this massive Kabump Phils today though. Such a crushing pair of jams.

Actually IIRC the Domino jam is also super sludgy and Tool-inspired.

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This show was killer. Small place, loose crowd. The band raged so hard they blew the power at one point. There was a long pause and then they came back out and dropped back in at full throttle like nothing had happened.

If I can remember the timeline, they had seen Tool either in the Bay Area or Sacramento the night before this show, which made perfect sense with that Domino Theory.

For me, that version of DT is one of the all-time epic versions just for the Tool-inspired jamming. I’d love to hear them do that more often!

This whole show is pretty fire, creative setlisting and the jams of course. The segment that I immediately recall enjoying a lot is the Kabump -> Phil’s, great 1, 2 punch. Plunger is remarkable as well

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