2013/12/29 - Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO

2013/12/29 - Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO

Set 1: Flamethrower > Mulche’s Odyssey, Miami Virtue > Plunger > Day Nurse, No Comment > Plunger, Nemo > Dear Lord > Nemo, Dump City[1]

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat[2] > Amble On[2] > Der Bluten Kat[3], Wife Soup[4], Ringo[5], River People[6]

Encore: 1348[2]

[1] with Ivan Neville on keys
[2] with Joshua Redman on saxophone
[3] with Joshua Redman on saxophone and with Jaden Carlson replacing Brendan on guitar
[4] with All In Time tease; with Joshua Redman on saxophone
[5] with Glide (Pleasure) tease; with Joshua Redman on saxophone
[6] debut, Weather Report; with Joshua Redman on saxophone

Support: Dumpstaphunk

Show is a heater. Redman set fuckin smokes

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Wish I would’ve attended this one. I was a loser and only attended the night prior.

@nsl bot insert LARGE OOF

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Yep… Had nobody to go with and 7 years ago I wasn’t as stoked about the idea of solo shows as I am today.

Also wasn’t cool enough to attend the BG show. But its aight I probably couldn’t have afforded it anyway.



Me either. Back then I used to care about catching a qbert too. I got shut out of that bc I couldn’t afford the onsale. A person on the bort said they would sell me an extra and then decided to sell it to someone else instead.

The first martyrs private show I couldn’t afford either.

So it goes. Can’t catch em all, and if you could then the good ones wouldnt be as special

I wore panda suits to this show for my second date with my current partner. @thefussyasianman was there, as were others.

This show and the night prior were the shows of the run


this run was my honeymoon and thus we ponied up, er stasik’d up, for VIP for the occasion.

initially we were gonna spend the $$ on first class plane tickets, but changed it to VIP and eternally grateful that we did


Everyone shits on the fillmore, but historically UM throws the fuck down in this room…much more than RR

My memory is shit but I did not remember that this was your 2nd date, unless of course that didn’t really come up at all. This 2nd set is the business.

I was also a general wreck during this run between alcohol, drugs, and life in general. Ah @stringz, seeing you in the latter parts of 2013, what a trip.

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I more figured maybe you’d remember the panda attire, as you were raging on it.

I also had a spirited debate with you about the deeper the night prior :slight_smile:

Yes, one would expect that. But…

What can I say? I have yet to ever give you my best.

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