2012/11/02 - Penn's Peak - Jim Thorpe, PA

Set 1: Nipple Trix > Wife Soup, Room to Breathe > Breathe, Much Obliged > Uncommon, Eat, 2x2

Set 2: Robot World > Higgins, Der Bluten Kat > No Comment > Der Bluten Kat, Life During Exodus, All In Time

Encore: Wizard Burial Ground > Orfeo > Wizard Burial Ground

Solid show. The Robot > Higgins sequence is extremely fun, as is the encore.

Happy Birthday to another good show!! Obviously the RW > Higgins is alltimer material, especially if you like proggy UM. As is the MO > Uncommon worth a listen. DBK, NC sandwich is tasty too. Gotta give this one a spin on the commute home, check it out if ya can

@Pookells knows, this is a good’n


This wife soup is quite good also, one of my favs. When Baylis’s solo section starts up instead of him taking it, jake and Bayliss both get into this euphoric uplifting build that eventually ends with them both peaking it nicely. One my go to wife soups if I ever happen to be in the mood

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Underrated DBK and MO

Happy Birthday great show! This opening Wife Soup :raised_hands: gotta give this RW>Higgins a spin. D>Pop Tart/No Comment>BK is very well done. This show was such a party, crowd was into it. The energy was palpitatable. What a time. Fall Ter :maple_leaf::green_heart: