2012/04/28 - Martyrs' - Chicago, IL

2012/04/28 - Martyrs’ - Chicago, IL

Set 1: Wappy Sprayberry > Space Funk Booty, Last Man Swerving[1] -> Out Of Order, Down Under, The Weight Around, Robot World[2] > 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover > Puppet String[3]

Set 2: Utopian Fir[4], The Trooper[5], Baby Honey Sugar Darlin’, Hurt Bird Bath -> The Other Side of Things[6] > Hurt Bird Bath, The Good Times Are Killing Me[7], Nopener[8], The Triple Wide, Hangover -> La Grange[9] > Hangover

Encore: Two Dips[10], Wizard Burial Ground, Waiting Room

[1] with Thunderkiss '65 (White Zombie) jam
[2] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[3] with In the Kitchen teases
[4] with “Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fifi” lyrics; also, “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[5] debut, Iron Maiden
[6] verses only, no chorus
[7] debut, Modest Mouse
[8] “lounge version”
[9] debut, ZZ Top
[10] debut, Brendan, Wade Wilby, and Clayton Halsey

private show put on by fans, billed as “Bill Graham for a Day”
last Down Under 11.19.2008 (400 shows)
last 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover 10.27.2009 (290 shows)
last Baby Honey Sugar Darlin’ 11.14.2009 (282 shows)
last The Other Side of Things 07.20.2001 (1,410 shows)