2012/04/27 - UMBowl III - Park West - Chicago, IL

2012/04/27 - UMBowl III - Park West - Chicago, IL

Quarter 1: Flamethrower > Night Nurse > Voyager > Front Porch, Comma Later[1], Help On the Way > Slipknot!, Forty-Six & 2[2]

Quarter 2: Stew Art Event

Quarter 3: All In Time[3] > Glory > The Linear > August[4] > Bridgeless[3], Preamble > Mantis[3] > Making Flippy Floppy > Nothing Too Fancy[5]

Quarter 4: Liberty Echo[1] > White Pickle[1] > Den[1] > Theresa[6], 9:30[1] > REW[6] > Lift & Separate[1] > Dream Team[1] > In The Kitchen[5]

Overtime: Divisions

[1] debut, original
[2] debut, Tool
[3] unfinished
[4] unfinished; with Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton) jam
[5] ending only
[6] debut, original; with lyrics

first quarter was comprised of attendees’ votes, “All Request”

second quarter was a Stew Art event: Afternoon Nurse > Funk Our Face Off > Middle Eastern Metal > Drum ‘n Bass > Soaring Uplifting Jam Part 2 > Afternoon Bus Ride In Jamaica > Increasing Tempo Jam > Yacht Rock Jam [with Breezin’ (George Benson) jam] > Hip Hop Tribute [Tribute To the Spinal Shaft, I Keep Forgettin’ (Michael McDonald), Xxplosive (Dr. Dre), and Gz and Hustlas (Snoop Dogg) teases] > Take Us To The Disco Tech

third quarter was in “choose your own adventure” style, with attendees voting for the next “adventure” live: Start Bridgeless, Start All In Time, or Start Mulche’s Odyssey; Transition into Much Obliged, Transition into Glory, or Transition into Resolution; Transition into Linear, Transition into The Floor, or Transition into Loose Ends; Start Puppet String, Start 40’s Theme, or Start August; Transition into 2nd half of Bridgeless, Transition into 2nd half of All In Time; Transition into 2nd half Mulche’s Odyssey; Start Mantis, Start Nothing Too Fancy, or Start 1348; Transition into I Ran (Flock of Seagulls), Transition into Making Flippy Floppy (Talking Heads), or Transition into Rosanna (Toto); Transition into 2nd half of Mantis, Transition into 2nd half of Nothing Too Fancy, or Transition into 2nd half of 1348

fourth quarter was Raw Stewage, comprised of attendees’ votes for past “Jimmy Stewarts”: Liberty Echo (10.20.2007 Mulche’s Odyssey), White Pickle (06.10.2006 The Haunt), Den (02.11.2011 Bright Lights Big City), Theresa (03.03.2011 Intentions Clear), 9:30 (12.11.2004 The Triple Wide), REW (04.08.2005 Nemo), Lift & Separate (11.02.2006 Groove Holmes), and Dream Team (01.22.2009 In the Kitchen)

last Help On the Way 03.04.2000 (1,576 shows)
last Slipknot! 06.18.1999 (1,623 shows)