2012/04/18 - George's Majestic Lounge - Fayetteville, AR

2012/04/18 - George’s Majestic Lounge - Fayetteville, AR

Set 1: Spires > Slacker, Got Your Milk (Right Here)[1] > Alex’s House, Utopian Fir > Deeper > Utopian Fir, Wizard Burial Ground

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat, Hangover, Miami Virtue > Mullet (Over), End of the Road, Thin Air

Encore: Layla

[1] with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) teases

setbreak featured a peformance of Fearless (Pink Floyd) by Finger Tight, the crew band: Bobby Haight, drums; Chris Mitchell, percussion; Andrew Queen, guitar; Bob Ston, bass; Jefferson Waful, vocals and keyboards; Robbie Williams, vocals and guitar; Jake on FOH, Joel on monitors, and Ryan ran lights