2012/04/13 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

2012/04/13 - Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Pay the Snucka > Cemetery Walk > Nemo > Cemetery Walk II, Through the Cracks, Andy’s Last Beer, Pay the Snucka

Set 2: Wappy Sprayberry > Push the Pig > Kashmir[1] > Push the Pig, In The Kitchen > Booth Love > Can’t You See, Prowler > In The Kitchen

Encore: All In Time > Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ > All In Time

[1] incomplete

last Kashmir 11.18.2009 (269 shows)
last Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ 02.25.2004 (1,010 shows)

Did they allow tapers at the S2 events? If anyone has the S2 from this pre show would love to get a copy!

This was by far my least favorite UM show that i’ve seen. Nothing memorable about this show at all.

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Show is god awful. Especially for their first time back there since the GA Theater burned down

Oof this looks like a 2012 stinker

2012 was such a bad year

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RRX that year was one of the exceptions. What an amazing show that was…

You’re absolutely right about that. Amazing show

Sure, 2012 was no 2011 but it wasn’t a completely terrible year.

They played can’t you see though and they were in the south. What other band does something that unique???

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