2012/03/25 - The Wilma Theatre - Missoula, MT

2012/03/25 - The Wilma Theatre - Missoula, MT

Set 1: Flamethrower > 2nd Self, Professor Wormbog, Loose Ends[1], Nothing Too Fancy > The Haunt[2] > End of the Road, Much Obliged > Cherub Rock, Rocker Part 2

Set 2: JaJunk, August, Through the Cracks, Thin Air[3], Conduit, Time[4] > Cemetery Walk II[5]

Encore: Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Nothing Too Fancy

[1] debut, original
[2] with Forty Six & 2 (Tool) jam
[3] with Blues for Los Angeles (Bill Frisell) tease
[4] with Great Gig In the Sky (Pink Floyd) ending
[5] with Demolition Man (The Poice) jam

This Junk gets a lot of love, but the atypical dark August jam and the @Albert_Ross Thin Air are not to be overlooked.

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The Forty Six & 2 jam immediately piqued my interest. Gonna check this one out

The Jajunk is one of the best dance party jams out there with maybe my favorite Jake solo at the end of the peak.



Different word/meaning

Sorry for being an insufferable pedant


No I’m glad you called me out because I know it should be piqued and I fucked up

That Junk was killer btw

Don’t know if I’ve ever heard this JaJunk. I was tuned out in 2012. Anyone know of any best of 2012 nugs lists floating around?

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Here you go brother

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