2012/03/22 - Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA

2012/03/22 - Showbox at the Market - Seattle, WA

Set 1: Cummins Lies > The Crooked One, Intentions Clear > Glory, Room to Breathe, Nemo > Deeper > Nemo, Smell the Mitten[1]

Set 2: Miss Tinkle’s Overture[2], Miami Virtue > Walletsworth, Let’s Dance, Day Nurse, Conduit, Drums[3] > 1348 > The Floor

Encore: Prowler > 1348

[1] with Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band) jam
[2] with The New Deal jam
[3] just Andy and Kris on stage

Support: Vokab Kompany

My first UM show! I had gotten into UM a few months earlier (Nov/Dec '11). I had discovered them through the Live At The Murat album, and then picked up Death By Stereo. I had also snagged the Hauntlanta show from iTunes (and was unaware that Nugs existed).

I went to this show, armed with a very limited knowledge of UM. I was pretty much lost in the first set except for Nemo and Deeper. I knew Miami Virtue from DBS, but I knew nothing else outside of the Let’s Dance cover.

I walked out of there, mind blown. I asked during setbreak what the fuck the last song in the first set was, and was promptly told Smell The Mitten. I was like, well, whatever the fuck that was called, it was amazing! Still my favorite version of Mitten to this day. The Virtue is no slouch, either.

In the first set, besides Mitten, Crooked and IC were excellent!