2012/03/18 - Harlow's - Sacramento, CA

2012/03/18 - Harlow’s - Sacramento, CA

Set 1: Nipple Trix > 2nd Self, Dump City, The Linear > Alex’s House, Robot World > Steppin’ Razor > Mail Package

Set 2: Nothing Too Fancy > Rosanna > Nothing Too Fancy, Uncle Wally[1] > No Comment > Hangover, Utopian Fir[2]

Encore: A Fifth of Beethoven, Kimble

[1] with For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica) jam
[2] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics

This is a great show.

I just uploaded it for a friend so PM if you want mega link.

Cheers and happy holidays.


Epic Fir. I can’t think of a more cohesive jam. Meyers is on point


I still play it all the time. Def one of the most unique jams out there


Fantastic build. I’ve always wanted to hear the jam again, but nothings come close.

Oh man I forgot about this excellent show. They crushed it in a tiny room, I need to relisten to this Fir. Also one of my favorite encores ever, I never expect any good improv there so I’ll take this all day.