2012/01/21 - Best Buy Theater - New York, NY

2012/01/21 - Best Buy Theater - New York, NY

Set 1: Tango Mike > Domino Theory[1], Intentions Clear > Voyager[2] > White Man’s Moccasins > Forks, August, Second Song > Puppet String

Set 2: Miami Virtue > Glory, Bridgeless[3] -> The Floor, Pay the Snucka, Hollywood Nights > Bridgeless

Encore: At Last[4], JaJunk

[1] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[2] debut, Daft Punk
[3] with Bob tease; “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[4] debut, Etta James, in tribute to her recent passing; with Jennifer Hartswick on vocals

Support: The London Souls

Another great show. Two lyricals (Bad Friday lyric origin in Bridgeless), sweet Voyager/jam, 2 ten min jams in the second set. Right up there with my favorite two night runs I’ve attended

The IC>voyager>WMM>forks segment is an all time segment IMO. Also it proves forks can be good if placed correctly.

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