2011/11/05 - The Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI

2011/11/05 - The Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI

Set 1: Catshot > All In Time, Preamble > Mantis > Pay the Snucka > Rocker Part 2, The Haunt > Mantis, Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)[1]

Set 2: Hurt Bird Bath[2], Ringo[3], Bridgeless, The Linear[4] > Glory > In the Flesh? > Another Brick in the Wall > All In Time

Encore: Come As Your Kids > Pay the Snucka

[1] with Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) tesae
[2] with Hells Bells (AC/DC) intro; with Paradise City (Guns N’ Roses) jam
[3] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[4] with Who Are You (The Who) teases

Time to fix this empty setlist thread for a show that doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment! For historical context, this show had all kinds of hype at the time for a standout show in a standout year, likely in large part to a lot of borters being in attendance. With time, the Clifton Park show from a few nights before that was much less heralded has become recognized as a much better show in terms of improv quality and rightly gone down as a top UM show of any era. But make no mistake- this show is hella fun. Obviously the Haunt is what the people pay to see and is worth all the money IMO, but don’t sleep on an excellent AIT that starts the show off super hot and a Ringo that has the og cut the cable JO, and a patient atmospheric Linear. Bridgeless and HBB don’t ever get there, but they’re not standardtown either. A loose show, not to the level of 11/2 and maybe not even in the top 5 of a watershed year, but nevertheless worth checking out. Bonus points for setlist construction: AIT bookends the 2 sets but an early Snucka is finished in the encore and both have a Mantis split up within. And double bonus points if you notice THOSE ARPEGGIOS BRAH are actually being worked on a few nights earlier in the aforementioned 11/2 Bright Lights encore jam, which itself many would say is up there with the GOAT encores.

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It’s been over a decade so it’s more fond memories than bitter ones at this point, but my buddy OD’d on heroin the night before this show and Bayliss dedicates the Ain’t No Fun to him. For as much as that news sucked to hear at the time, the band paying respect on the next show’s recording meant a lot to a lot of people. Love those guys!


This show was a blast. I remember waking up with a wicked case of the booze blues and strongly considered skipping it. Glad I pulled it together.

Love this show hate that venue so glad they don’t play there anymore. But I still remember all the fun that was had at this show and after partying at my college house until 8AM. Also seeing them and pregaming at Exclusive company on farewell when they played a little promo set for death by stereo. Come back to Milwaukee this year damn it.

So many fucking wooks stole records at that exclusive company show, because they had the back doors open to shuffle people out after um signed stuff. But yeah that day was hella fun. Exclusive set>awesome show>awesome bayliss Joel late night.

This show is def top 5 of 2011…1/27, 7/1 and 11/2 are the only better shows I think.