2011/10/20 - The Bluebird Nightclub - Bloomington, IN

2011/10/20 - The Bluebird Nightclub - Bloomington, IN

Set 1: Bridgeless > Cemetery Walk, Rocker Part 2, Kabump > Puppet String, Go to Hell

Set 2: Plunger > Eat > Plunger, Wappy Sprayberry > The Bottom Half, Breathe, Sociable Jimmy > Sweetness > Bridgeless

Encore: The Floor, Nopener[1]

[1] with Paul Busby and Dave Kubiak on percussion

No bump for this one eh. Relistened today at the gym and this kabump is still great. Wappy also better than I remember it being

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This one was a total shitshow for one of my friends. Ill never forget being right in front of the stage and right as the main verse riff kicked in during Bridgeless, my friend was wasted and turned to our other friend to his right and just fuckin yakked allllll over his pants. Drunk friend then told vomited on friend that he would trade pants with him so hed be in the pants covered in his vomit. They switched pants and the show continued on lol. Theres absolutely no way Joel or Bayliss didnt see the whole thing. Drunk friend went to the bathroom to bird bath in the sink and returned in tip top shape

Just another night at the dirty bird


In my top 10-15 seen UM shows for sure

Would be curious if your buddy gettng puked on was the inspitation behind the Wappy proposal. Dude knew right then and there.

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