2011/04/02 - UMBowl II - Park West - Chicago, IL

2011/04/02 - UMBowl II - Park West - Chicago, IL

Quarter 1: Cummins Lies > In The Kitchen[1], Bonafide Lovin’[2] > Q*Bert > All In Time[3]

Quarter 2: Stew Art Event

Quarter 3: Ruled By Secrecy[4], Bus Call[5], Going to California[6], #19[7], I Heard It Through the Grapevine[8], Great American[9] > Jam[10] > Great American[9], Big Bottom[10], FF[11], Zeroes & Ones[12], Much Obliged[13], In Violation of Yes[14]

Quarter 4: Nothing Too Fancy[15] > “Mrs Robinson’s Strut”, Divisions > Glory > Divisions, A Fifth of Beethoven, Blue Echo > 1348 > Blue Echo > 1348, Tom Sawyer[16]

Overtime: Another Brick in the Wall/Thriller

[1] Spanish version
[2] with TV Rules the Nation (Daft Punk) jam
[3] completes 04.24.2010
[4] debut, Muse; Joel solo
[5] debut, original; Brendan solo on keys
[6] debut, Led Zeppelin; Jake on acoustic guitar and Brendan on mandolin
[7] debut, original; Jake and Ryan
[8] Jake, Ryan, and Andy
[9] Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Joel
[10] with Jake on drums
[11] with Jake, Ryan, Andy, and Brendan on bass; Joel on keytar; and Kris on drums
[12] debut, original; with Jake on moog Taurus, Ryan on iPhone, Brendan and Joel on keys, Kris on drums, and Andy on percussion
[13] with Brendan, Joel, Ryan, and Mike Mirro on drums (original line-up)
[14] with Jake on bass, Brendan on guitar, Joel and Ryan on keys, Andy and Mike on percussion, and Kris on drums
[15] “bluegrass version”, unfinished
[16] debut, Rush

first quarter was in “choose your own adventure” style, with attendees voting for the next “adventure” live: Jajunk (1st half), Tinkles (1st half) or New Intro > Improv; > In The Kitchen (Spanish lyrics) or Rocker (part II); Bright Lights, Booth Love, or Bonafide Lovin’; > James Brown-esque funk, Tool-esque prog metal, or Daft Punk-esque electronica; Jajunk (2nd half), Tinkles (2nd half) or keep playing this awesome jam; > Q*Bert or Pop Tart > Finish All In Time from UMBowl I, Plunger or Bright Lights

second quarter was a Stew Art event

third quarter was “special teams,” with varying combinations of band members and instrumentation

fourth quarter was comprised of attendee votes, “All Request”

last Cummins Lies 02.20.2009 (255 shows)
last Big Bottom 03.24.2007 (476 shows)
last A Fifth of Beethoven 02.15.2009 (257 shows)