2011/03/17 - House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA

Set 1: Nothing Too Fancy > In The Kitchen, #5, Much Obliged, The Floor, Sociable Jimmy > Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: Ringo > Eminence Front > Ringo[1], Wappy Sprayberry, The Bottom Half > Slacker, Miss Tinkle’s Overture

Encore: Irish Jig, Glory > Regulate[2]

[1] with Dominic Lalli on saxophone
[2] with I Keep Forgettin’ (Michael McDonald) jam; for Nate Dogg

This is one of 2011’s finest shows. The N2F > ITK kick things off in a spectacularly funky fashion. The 19 minute ITK is some of the best dance-funk jamming UM has ever done. And a #5 to follow?? It’s a very strong start to a classic 2011 show. The Ringo > Eminence Front > Ringo is a smoker. And you’ll catch what ultimately ends up being Nipple Trix in the Slacker jam. The Regulate cover was a fun way to end things, and one of the rare times Farag does vocals (or in this case, rap).