2011/01/29 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

2011/01/29 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: JaJunk > Booth Love > The Fussy Dutchman, Turn & Dub, Example 1, Push the Pig > Deeper > Push the Pig > JaJunk

Set 2: Mulche’s Odyssey, The Bottom Half[1], Bombtrack[2], Cemetery Walk II, Sociable Jimmy, Andy’s Last Beer, The National Anthem

Encore: Hurt Bird Bath[3]

[1] “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
[2] with Ilya Stemkovsky on vocals
[3] with Imperial March (John Williams) jam

last Bombtrack 02.15.2008 (344 shows)

Support: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

My 2nd show, and my how time flies, what the wiggity whack… crazy it’s been 9 years. I still remember the trek into Philly down to the e-factory and that show like it wasn’t so long ago. Fun times, good to look back on the early days of getting into em.

Highlights:T&D, Mulche’s (complete with a Jake false-start), tBH lyrical is nicely done, and CWII.

Personal highlights: whole 1st set since there’s so many segues, it flows really well, even if the improv is minimal. Also, the YYZ tease before Example 1, so funny to hear the crowd reaction. I love Star Wars so I don’t skip the criminally short HBB since they creep into the Imperial March so well, almost organically. Sociable, ALB is a solid 1, 2 punch if you have to have 2 standards make them strong, especially with the fun odd meters present in both songs.

I love this T&D

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10 years gone by! Can barely believe it but here we are. Gotta mention the highlights again; T&D, Mulche’s gets pretty far out there, tBH lyrical (“what are you waiting for”), and CWII. Gonna give this one a spin today

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