2010/02/27 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

2010/02/27 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Wappy Sprayberry > Partyin’ Peeps, Cemetery Walk, Pay the Snucka[1] > #5, Sociable Jimmy > Booth Love > The Linear[2] > Pay the Snucka

Set 2: Divisions[3] > The Floor, Ringo > Glory > Ringo, Mean Mr. Mustard > Polythene Pam > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight, 2x2 > Mantis Ghetts > Divisions

Encore: Mail Package, Cemetery Walk II

[1] with Eric Krasno replacing Brendan on guitar and Nigel Hall on keys with Joel; with Brendan also on keys
[2] first time played with lyrics
[3] with Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson) jam

last Golden Slumbers 12.31.2002 (946 shows)
last Carry That Weight 12.31.2002 (946 shows)

Support: Eric Krasno and Chapter 2

My 1st show!! Man, time really does fly, crazy it’s been 10 years. While this is a fairly pedestrian show I still enjoy it. Especially the Abbey Road melody in the 2nd set; which was cool for me since I didn’t really know too many songs at that point so the cover gave me something to grasp onto. Snucka is halfway decent and this was the first time Linear was played with lyrics so there’s a couple gems here and there. Fun times

13 years gone by since I’ve started seeing this band. What a time to reflect on. I went with my Dad actually, he was kind & gave my ass a ride to the show. I go to explore the floor a little bit and randomly ran into some hs buddies that I didnt know were gonna be there. Superb aligning of the stars moment, really. Really remember hearing the opening bassline to Wappy after the Olympic theme was played over the house PA something like “I think this band might be for me”.

tL;dR summary of setlist

Solid show. I listened on the day of and it really is a good effort. Wappy is good > Partyin Peeps is a high energy start. Snucka > #5 is well executed. Linear 1st time with lyrics is a neat listen, it really allows ya to see the development of the song > Snucks Pt III ends the set on a high note.

Love Divisions > The Floor. The Abbey Road segment gave me something to hang my hat on, since I was only familiar with a few songs at the time. Ringo Glory sandwich is a pleasant listen. Ghetts is so underplayed then back > Divisions makes it. Mail Package > CWII is a money encore

Lots of great times, better people, && journeys to different cities&towns later… B4L. Lol just poking fun, this band is a fantastic live show. I’m grateful to have made these moments and happy to have met & raged with some of you at shows. Looking forward to crossing paths and more good times down the way \mm/


This is the second of three birthday shows I’ve caught. Drove from Boston with a crew of old borters including @terruntz and @burtherdbath. We had car trouble 30 minutes into the drive and ended up getting to Philly during #5 iirc. Still had a great night and partied with a ton of old borters that night before heading back up to Mass to finish the run. Good times.

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Happy Birthday, 1st show and @OSUmBeaverPhreak!! What a time it was, went down there knowing a few songs, once they dropped into Wappy I had a feeling I’d like this band. 14 years later and we’re still thankful to be having a great time!!

'Prov highlights: Wappy, Snucka, Ringo sandwhich, CWII

Edit: Oh yesh, 1st time Linear was played with lyrics, fun note!

This show was a blast, that (most of) Abbey Road B-side was a fun sing along. Really liked the way they split up Divisions as well. Gonna have to listen!


Thanks homie!

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