2008/10/23 - Richard's on Richards - Vancouver, BC

Set 1: Eat > The Bottom Half > Eat, Example 1, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft -> Sociable Jimmy > The Floor

Set 2: The Crooked One[1] -> Intentions Clear, In The Kitchen, Mullet (Over)

Encore: Syncopated Strangers > Hey Nineteen > Syncopated Strangers

[1] unfinished; with War Pigs (Black Sabbath) and Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) teases

This is hands-down one of the finest shows of Fall '08. It so happens that in this year, Vancouver got blessed with 2 amazing shows - the first being in February and then this one.

The show starts off quite interesting. After a warped intro, the band kicks things off into Eat, playing the first part of the song before seguing into The Bottom Half, which starts off funky and then turns into metallic riffing during the jam - and the exact same kind of jamming that this old-fart metalhead loves. Example 1, as always, is a nice treat to get on a show. The Tribute is also excellent and quite funky.

On to Set 2 - now THIS is the meat and potatoes of the show. A 32 minute Crooked One -> almost 13 minute stewed out Intentions Clear? As Jonah Hill said in “Superbad” - “I mean, fuck me, right?”. This Crooked is essential listening and a must-hear version. It’s essentially a metal Crooked and it will kick in your teeth. The Intentions, while not exactly up to the Grand Rapids one earlier that year, is stellar. Hey, who am I kidding here? This whole 2nd set is mindblowing. If they played this in 2019, the Bort would loose their minds.

If you haven’t heard this one, you’re doing yourself a great injustice. Go to nugs and stream this mofo. You can thank me later.

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14 years ago…


Epic show, glad I went but wish I was able to spend more than14 hours in Vancouver…seemed like a great city!


Oh yup I know what I’m blasting tonight