2008/09/11 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX

2008/09/11 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX

Set 1: Professor Wormbog[1], Walletsworth, The Crooked One > The Fuzz > Thin Air[2], Search 4, 2nd Self

Set 2: Get In The Van, Got Your Milk (Right Here), Hurt Bird Bath, Sociable Jimmy > Sweetness > Dump City, Mulche’s Odyssey

Encore: Alex’s House > I Ran

[1] with Push the Pig intro
[2] with Roundabout (Yes) teases

God damn this HBB is fire

I used to fluff this show on the old bort. LOVE this setlist and the general flow of the show. I need to listen to this HBB again - it’s been a while. There’s a fun jam in Crooked, and I think my favorite part is the improv in the Fuzz. It’s short, but I love how Jake and Stasik lock in on the groove and BB and Joel add in some fun textures over the top.

Thanks to the solid Texas dudes who bought me a few Lonestars since I was 17 at the time.