2008/02/07 - Richard's on Richards - Vancouver, BC

Set 1: Soul Food I > Anchor Drops, Believe the Lie, Dump City[1], Nemo

Set 2: Der Bluten Kat > Search 4 > Der Bluten Kat > Alex’s House > I Ran, The Fuzz > Der Bluten Kat

Encore: Seek and Destroy > Higgins

[1] with JaJunk tease

The first of 2 amazing shows that Vancouver got in this year (and curiously enough, UM never went back after this).

The opening Soul Food I is one of the top-tier versions - I fluffed this one on the old new Bort. It’s a great jam - it’s funky, there are small hints of rockabilly, and some great Joel keyboard effects towards the end and > into AD. Believe the Lie is always welcome, and UM always did this song justice in the older days - this version is no exception. Now on to the masterpiece of the first set - Dump City. Like SFI, this version is essential listening. At 21 minutes long, it jams and jams hard. A top-shelf version that needs to be heard to be appreciated.

So let’s discuss this DBK triple decker sammie that’s better known as Set 2. Not that DBK is unwelcome by any means, and it’s a good DBK at that, but let’s talk about this 19 minute (I shit you not) version of Search 4. Still the longest Search 4 to date, it’s a rare jammed out version that is big time ear candy. A huge highlight for my ears.

And a rare Metallica cover in Seek and Destroy in the encore slot? LOVE IT!


Anniversary bUMp.

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There’s that Search 4



February 2008 WC Ter was full of heaters…


oh father, none of the girls at my school wear brassieres anymore.


two days early

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Spinning this show right now and wishing they’d go back to Canada for a show!

Pretty progressive of them to play a gay bar back in 2008.

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Dump City one of the best ever jams


Two 5 song sets. This heater would melt @Gregaforce7 if he knew how to tell the diff between chronic, mids, and schwag


You guys actually like songs???

Most of the time when it comes to jamband shows less songs means more improvistation. More improvistation leads to more unique and standout moments. More standout moments leads to more noteworthy shows. I mean that is pretty much the whole point of jambands

Plenty of other bands/genres out there that i dont care how many songs they play because thats not the point of their shows


Oh I know homie I was just being a semantic asshole hahahahaha. Because I love umphreys jams AND their straight up songs and everyone rips on me for it. I just love sanging as well as getting awed and surprised during the jam outs

Nothing wrong with that. I think a lot of folks out there just dont like their actual songs and singing enough for that to be enough. Especially the compositions they have written over the past decade. Very, very different sound than when they started

Edit: i have also seen them way too many times, so can only get excited for the same version of the same song so many times

Totally agree. But @stingz was making a light jab at a show of two 5 song sets making my brain melt because I champion their “18 songs over 2 sets” shows just as much as a “2 song 1 Stewart set” shows lol. It’s all love

I’d probably feel this way too if they had decent singing voices or wrote decent songs. Listen to the Intentions Clear chorus and tell me that isn’t intentionally bad?


I hear ya. FWIW, i still enjoy them when they sound/play like the band i fell in love with 20 years ago

I just would have never become a fan if i hadnt heard of them until recent years because most of the songs they write now do basically nothing for me musically

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Don’t care, I love it. And their lyrics have got way better. But I love all their voices honest to god. Every ounce of this band tickles every good chemical in my brain :man_shrugging: (Always October and CtC even grown on me after my run)

lmao, really surprising take from somebody who isn’t a new father in their early 40s


Lmao fuck that responsibility. Whistle Kids is a song of caution, see

Hard disagree about the lyrics. I feel like everything about the song writing lyrically, and especially musically, took a major step-back over the past 10 years. Which i wouldnt mind nearly as much if they still consistently jammed a lot

I love Phish and they have written a lot of dog shit songs in the 3.0 era, but usually will take them deep so i dont mind them nearly as much

Like what you like, though. If you can get pumped up for the songs and they move you, more power to you. Support your bliss. No one needs validation for their feelings