2003/07/17 - Double Diamond - Aspen, CO

2003/07/17 - Double Diamond - Aspen, CO

One Set: Dump City[1] -> Uncommon, Kabump -> Ringo[2], Smell the Mitten[3], Sociable Jimmy, Sociable Jimmy[4], Sociable Jimmy[5], Mulche’s Odyssey[6] > Drums[7] > Jam[7] > Orfeo[8], Down Under, All Things Ninja[9], Jam[10] -> Willie the Pimp -> Thin Air

Encore: Hysteria[11], 13 Days

[1] began with Get In The Van tease from Kris
[2] with Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve) tease
[3] with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) tease
[4] end only, played in a latin style; with November Rain (Guns N’ Roses) teases by Brendan
[5] end only, played with the ending to November Rain
[6] with November Rain tease
[7] just Kris and Andy on drums, then Jake solo on guitar and moog, and then Jake on drums with the rest of the band
[8] with Miss Tinkle’s Overture jam
[9] with Lenny (Stevie Ray Vaughan) tease
[10] with Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) tease
[11] debut in full, Def Leppard

with Woody Woodpecker theme (George Tibbles and Ramey Idriss) tease after Smell the Mitten
with Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) tease and Knight Rider theme (Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson) and Touch Me (The Doors) quotes before Hysteria

Support: Cali Ma