2002/03/20 - Bluegrass Brewing Company - Louisville, KY

2002/03/20 - Bluegrass Brewing Company - Louisville, KY

Set 1: Example 1 > Soul Food I -> Phil’s Farm, Miss Gradenko, “Jimmy Stewart”[1] > Orfeo[1], Roulette, Sociable Jimmy, Ask Me No Questions, Kimble

Set 2: Dump City > Hajimemashite -> Q*Bert[2], Syncopated Strangers, Walk the Proud Land, Padgett’s Profile[3] > Muff II: The Revenge > Padgett’s Profile, Gesture Under a Mitten[4] > Professor Wormbog, Down Under[5], Mamu

Encore: Kabump, Last Call[4]

[1] Jake and Brendan left the stage
[2] with Space Funk Booty tease
[3] with Dixie (or the Duke Brothers’ horn) tease by Joel
[4] with a cappella Smurfs theme
[5] ended with Joy and Pain (Rob Base) chorus

Mediterranean Sundance (Al Di Meola) was teased before Dump City and Fletch Theme (Harold Faltermeyer) was teased before Mamu.