2/18/11 Robot World vs. 5/27/11 Red Tape

I remember this being a thread on the old Bort. Has anyone changed their opinion over the past few years? Just listened back to back for the first time in awhile and 5/27/11 RT still reigns supreme.

  • 2/18/11 Robot World
  • 5/27/11 Red Tape

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Man. The 2/18/11 Robot World is the story of a Robot trying to find his place in this human world. It goes way deeper than the Red Tape.

5/27/11 isn’t even the best Red Tape.


5/27/11 redtape is overrated. I love it, but it isn’t even close to JOTY or even RTOTY. The A section is fire, but the B section always feels so shoe-horned in (aside from the dope drop back into the A section). I always thought the kentucky redtape from February was the best RT of the year.

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typical regional fanboi fluff. like 1/27

While I prefer 2/3/11 Red Tape especially because I was there, it is pretty nice to be able to watch 5/27/11

1/27 =/= regional fluff

Says the person from that region fluffing it . . .


It’s the UM show with the most improv ever.

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I fluff 1/27 and I live about as far away from the NE as you can

Red Tape and it’s not even close. That Robot isn’t even close to my favorite 2011 jam. It’s long but it’s just so boring except for a couple spots IMO. Red Tape walks all over it.

If I’m going to listen to a 20 minute, mostly linear jam from 2011, give me something like 12/29/11 Bright Lights over the slog of 2/18/11 Robot

Yeahhhh 1/27/11 is a top 10 show of all time BUT not most improv ever, that’s 12/30/19.

And before you start arguing that 12/30 doesn’t count, that’s like arguing Phil Collins isn’t a member of Led Zeppelin.

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Yeah but they specifically planned for a long jam in Ringo just like they specifically planned for Phil to be a member of LZ for one night.

Have you considered this? If this isn’t a case for 1/27 being the top improv show of all time then IDK what is



On a serious note, I remember not including “improv set” shows in my most jammed out shows of all time list. 12/30/19 sits very murkily in the gray are of technically not being an improv set, but also technically being announced as an improv set.

Either way I remember loving set 2 of that show so much because they clearly didn’t slack off on jamming after the 60 minute Ringo. Fully expected standardtown after that but 1348 and Virtue were surprisingly awesome and Remind Me and Linear also had a little juice in them

Either way it’s a testament to 1/27 that it manages to top the clock on all other non-improv shows while not having any absolutely massive lengthy jams like 6/5/08 or 10/23/08 etc. Shows how well balanced the show is, every corner of the show has a nice lengthy but not bloated jam that delivers the goods and then the show flows to the next one

Ugh sorry to post 4 times in a row but I miss seeing UM so much you guys. NYE run was so fun this year. I’m definitely gonna use a knife to force my way up to the rail next time I see them


The rUMor is full Bort Red Rocks 2021 > Squeaky Feet post show > sadboi duo sunrise set


The bort is back!

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Awhh KK is in here too!! Miss you bro

Camp tape fucks, still glad I have those dvds burned onto my HD somewhere. What a great weekend.

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