Your Personal UM Mecca

Long time lurker, new poster, wanting to introduce myself to you all in the ballsiest way possible…with an unpopular opinion.

It didn’t take long as a lurker to learn all about what many consider the UM Mecca, 6.5.08 IC>Synco. As a fan only catching onto UM after 2015, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t get it. I do now, excellent jam, but that isn’t the point. As I dove into this band, I quickly found a segment that melted my face particularly more than anything else, and I always considered it to be my own 6.5.08 IC>Synco. For me, it is 9.4.14 Puppet>Higgins. Moreso the jam in Higgins, but the Puppet jam is baller too.

Holy god damn, that peak in Higgins fucks me up in so many ways, I don’t think I have ever experienced the same level of euphoria before. By far and wide my favorite UM segment, one that I will always go back to no matter how many times I’ve heard it.

Obviously, this is no diss to the IC>Synco…which I have grown to love (you’ll learn that I am more of a post 2011 guy, but never against hearing some pre-2011 masterpieces). I am curious for those of you who might have their own #1 segment of all time that isn’t 6.5.08 IC>Synco, what is it? Or, those of you who are repulsed by my claim, what is your #2?

2/9/10 Kabump
6/7/07 Triple Wide > BLBC > Triple Wide
11/2/11 BLBC
1/30/15 Utopian Fir
2/7/08 Dump City
10/23/08 The Crooked One
2/27/08 In The Kitchen
4/03/08 DBK
6/08/07 Plunger