Worst Venue The Band Plays / Played

Plays: Canopy Club (Urbana)
Played: Cannery Ballroom (Nashville)

I can’t believe the band still plays the Canopy Club after all these years. That place is a dump but the Goldberg’s seem to have hooked on the nostalgia factor. Not even sure what the last ticket prices were…pushing $50 a night I’d assume.

The Cannery Ballroom was an L-shaped abortion of a venue. Reminded me of a mini-House of Rules but you couldn’t see the stage if you were in the wrong part of the L.

What do you got? They obviously play cool venues like Red Rocks and almost Harpa Conference Center but let’s focus on the negatives today. :wink:

Seems true at most venues in my experience

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Set 1: Resolution > White Man’s Moccasins, Alex’s House > Padgett’s Profile, Waist Down, Young Lust > Plunger[1]

Set 2: Prowler > The Bottom Half, Wife Soup > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Nemo, Mullet (Over)

Encore: Phil’s 7 Nation Money Farm

[1] with Robin Trower jam

Whiskey Roadhouse at that casino in Counciltucky Iowa was a dump.

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Chautauqua was not fun really at all.

Never saw um there but The Cabooze in Minneapolis has one of the worst stage orientations. Bartenders have the best view in the house.

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The last time I saw them there the show was outside in the parking lot, when’s the last time they played indoors?

January 31st 2004 was the last indoor show before they moved up to 1st Ave.

My “wife” went to some wook band there on NYE and stepped on a metal butt plug on the ground.

In Colorado? I went there for a film festival and was bummed when I found out UM played it. Beautiful venue, no idea how show logistics would have worked out but it was great for the film festival.

Went there with my brother in law to see some reggae band once and was served the most skunky beer I’ve ever tasted.

Northern Lights probably takes the cake for me

Between the Hells Angels at the Joint and the Junkies at the train station, it takes a lot to get me to go there anymore.

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Crystal Ballroom looks really cool visually but the split drinking vs non drinking section is a pain in the ass. That place was one of my least favorite places to see a show. Plus it’s basically just a mini version of everyone’s favorite venue the Aragon Ballroom (which is also really cool looking from a visual perspective).

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That “venue” in Sandpoint sucks if you ask me.

Merch tables, the only bar, and the bathrooms are all right by the entrance so it’s a huge clusterfuck with no room to move after you got your ticket scanned. Then there’s some steps in the back corner that aren’t marked for shit. Soundboard also cuts off the left/right of the venue so people were walking through it until Mitchell flipped the fuck out.

That place would be cool if it wasn’t oversold. I also remember it being a pain in the ass to get in and missing some of the first set.

I used to ride my bike past that Franklin Ave station all the time, shocked I never caught a needle in my tire.

Can-o-pee club has the nostalgic factor but I don’t think I’ve ever been in a hotter more cramped venue.

You’re probably spot on.

Yeah, Boulder. They had two entrances inside the venue and no alcohol allowed inside. The beer garden was so flooded at set break half the crowd missed the first part of the second set (which was the best part of the show and the wooden benches were weird to dance in front of.

Plus side was I got to chill with JoJo the whole show.

Well, that makes sense. It sure handled 400ish mountaineering folks pretty well, I can imagine an UM show being a different animal.