Winter Tour 2024

Where do you see this? Holidaze would’ve been announced by now

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Not exactly sure but I recall seeing something about the Virgin Islands yesterday too. I want to say it was them reposting another IG story from a fan that lived there though and was in Montana over the weekend.

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If they did a Holidaze-type event in the Caribbean it would probably be Dec ‘24 at the earliest. I’d be down, hopefully Spafford would be involved.

When do they normally announce March dates? Hopefully CA is back to its regular time of year.

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Early winter

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I absolutely can’t stand the indoor side of LC/Express (now Kemba), but I think Newport could be a little tight for UM. Was there Wednesday for moe. and earlier this year for Drive By Truckers, and the DBT show was pretty well full. UM seems to sell somewhat well at Kemba, but admittedly I’m not certain of the capacity of either venue.

1700 for NMH
2200 for Kemba

Haven’t been inside either one in years, but I remember liking NMH better and it having more character. 1700 is small but they’ve been playing some small(er) venues lately. Who knows.

I know Cleveland is doomed to the HoB but would love to see them do The Agora. Went there Tuesday night and loved it.

Would probably make it down for a Cincy show at Taft too (though it would probably be whatever their version of Kemba is called)

Interesting. Didn’t realize they were that close, Kemba always seems so much bigger.

UM at Newport would definitely be amazing, it feels so much more intimate. And so much more soul to that place. Here’s to hoping.

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So many memories. This was my most seen venue until I moved to the Baltimore area and saw shows at Pier Six.


I’m an idiot and never clued in that they would’ve played there earlier in their careers. By the time I started seeing them circa 2012, they were already playing Kemba (LC Pavilion at the time, which I maintain is a much cooler name).


Did you live in OH? Did we talk about this?

I lived in Huntington, WV from 2004-2012, so I saw most Cincy and Columbus shows that happened in that date range.

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I was always meh on LC, both indoor and out.

I dig outdoor LC. Indoor is definitely meh.

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Bring back shows at Bogarts.




I stand corrected, this is the correct call. That July 4th show was so much fun, top 5 show of all time.


I went to the UM Newport Music Hall show in 2010 and it was a shit hole. Have they renovated it?

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If that’s the one with the battle between the band and the horns on the balcony, that was my second ever show after seeing my first show at Bonnaroo shortly before. What a time.

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I believe that was UM’s last show there and it hasn’t been renovated to my knowledge. They love having the “first rock and roll venue in America” shtick so I suppose that’s why they haven’t.

That’s the one, bonkers fun.

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