Winter Tour 2022

Usually we have at least up through March dates dropping by November 14th in all the years I’ve paid attention to upcoming announcements. We are less than a month out from that date and I haven’t really heard much. Blame it on COVID or whoever you want, but let’s start speculating.

Iceland towards the end of March and a cancelled California tour makes me hopeful we see some West Coast dates sooner than later, but with NWSS still scheduled for next July, I could see the band not coming through until then. I’m looking to relocate out of Portland next summer after their Horning’s performance, so I would love to see another two night stand in the Rose City before I bounce.

Asheville over President’s Day would be nice. I love Asheville and haven’t been there since 2017. I know Michigan got some love in the summer on both sides, but I would also enjoy another two night run in Detroit.

Hopefully the band plays a bunch of two and three nighters on their next full tour to minimize traveling and give us some much needed dates to hit.


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Didn’t read your post but gotta throw you a m/


I’ve heard big east coast run hitting most of the major markets starting first thing in January. Probably the usual January NYC run as well


I’m sure they’ll return to Asheville for President’s Day weekend

weren’t they supposed to be switching Asheville and Charleston at some point?

Uh I hope not. I thought Joel confirmed back to AVL in Feb 22.

Edit: I guess I don’t really care as long as they play asheville

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Would love some Ryman, go back to the Orange Peel Asheville (they aren’t playing the arena w/o Billy Strings), and even tho it’s usually an August show (except for 2018), TN Theater would be epic

Would love another Orange Peel show, but they always do well in Asheville. They’ll be at the arena. Hopefully a TN Theatre show in the summer/fall. And yeah Ryman was special so they better do that again.

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UM show at Orange Peel in 2017 was unbearable.

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but great

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Yeah. Had a blast musically. Great Fir.

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Always wanted to make it to the Orange Peel but seems they’ve outgrown it.

Just because I am bored watching world series and phish:

  • January 14th + 15th - Taft Theater, Cincinnati OH
  • January 20th + 21st - Beacon Theater or Brooklyn Bowl, NY
  • January 27th + 28th - Penn’s Peak and Pittsburgh, PA
  • February 18th + 19th - Asheville Arena
  • February 25th + 26th - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN

These are my guesses. Consider them confirmed

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@nsl and I had a great comfortable time at FOH. Was nice

I tied someone in Ringo (Bingo) and had to arm wrestle them on the floor for the $. I WON. The people already limited on space around us hated us.


UM will definitely keep playing the Asheville arena, they sell well there.

Was comfortable until security yelled at me when my brother passed out


Forgot about that

I hope they’re nowhere near me


Lol they played the arena for 3 years before Billy. I kinda wish they would just play Thomas Wolfe next door again though.

I second the TN theater sentiment though. Probably my fav place I’ve seen UM