What Shows Are You Seeing

seriously contemplating buying tickets off stubhub for their vancouver show if we can make it in time.

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Do it

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if we can make it (seeing a different show earlier, only reason we haven’t already grabbed em) we will without a doubt be there.

Ready to bliss out to this tonight

Saw Wild Rivers last night, great band and put on a good show. They actually did something I’ve never seen a band do before, they straight up asked the audience to shout out anything in the world and if they had heard it before they’d try to play it. My cynical @ass thought it could be an audience plant so the band wouldn’t struggle but they got Taylor swift and played it decently for a couple min til it fell apart humorously, then tried again with a different t swift song…so definitely not a plant because it was like 50% successful


Apparently the main guy in Earth was Cobain’s roommate and purchased the shotgun for him that he used to off himself.

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Did he announce that at the show last night?


lol no, my buddy was more familiar with the band’s lore and he told me

Love hearing a good story between songs


Got an extra for Khraungbin in Denver next Tuesday 9/27 if anyone is in need. Selling for face, $76.

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Saw kimock at Otus on Thursday. That was pretty awesome

highly, highly recommend catching one of these sets if you can. was lucky enough to hit one of the original shows at alexandria palace and it was truly a spectacle.

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Come out east and hit Brooklyn w me

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that would definitely be the most likely option… gonna look into it.

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