Unpopular Opinions about UM

At least for me it’s his personality that’s grating. He’s a good player and I like his set lists but he’s a douche of a person.


Thanks for all that. I definitely like his style and from what my profoundly hard of hearing ears can hear, he’s pretty good. I can definitely tell he’s a bit of an attention seeker based on his repetitive changing of hair/facial hair styles.


How much time you got?


I’m like a girl with gossip. I want it all lol.

It seems like he went super humble/ off the grid for a few years from like 2015-2019, but really took things up a notch after the HGTV/Gemstones stints/Pandemic.


Good placement for a palindrome set because you’d get EG/Plunger/Blecho outro jams and not just “end song > end song > end song > end song” but this set could also have 6 jams which means none of them would get enough time. You’d probably want to have no first jams in Blecho/Plunger in order to let the other ones have time

In this essay I will


Start at 2:24.

This has to be one of you jaded vets.