UMVIP Experience

I know UMVIP has changed over the years but for those who have done it; what was your experience? It seems a little bit more expensive that what it is worth, but I feel like if you are a fan you have to do it at least once.

For Asheville these are included in the package:

  • One (1) umVIP ticket to see Umphrey’s McGee at the Arena on Friday, February 14th & Saturday, February 15th, 2020
  • Access to a private umVIP 45-minute special set with Umphrey’s McGee on Saturday, February 15th
  • Open Bar during the private set
  • Access to the private umVIP viewing area at the on the floor, house left in front of the stage
  • All night access to the private umVIP lounge with a cash bar and club suite viewing
  • Early entry both nights
  • Band signed, limited edition event poster
  • Exclusive umVIP merch item
  • Commemorative umVIP event laminate
  • MP3 download of both shows + the private set

i think it essentially comes down to how badly you want to see the vip set. i did a vip show in st. louis in 2014 and it was the biggest waste of money, but there was no vip set.

I did it for UM Bowl in 2012 out of convenience. I’d say if you can afford it, do it.

I feel like most folks 'round these parts now how to get their money’s worth out of a 45 minute open bar.

About how many folks end up at the VIPShow? Never been and am curious…

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I have never done it. I signed up for Asheville so will definitely report back.

I did Red Rocks VIP in 2018 and 100% missed the VIP set because I was far too hungover to make the trek out that early. Also didn’t want to sit around for that long after the set when there’s not a ton to do around there (we had already hiked to our hearts’ content). Have to imagine we weren’t the only ones.

Doing it again for Iceland, but that was in part just to be sure we got tickets (obligatory fuck Prekindle). Also much easier to get there for the meet & greet since it’s right in the middle of Reykjavik, with plenty to do/eat/drink in the area.

did it for NYE 2013>2014 in Denver.

it was our honeymoon so we decided to splurge. it was awesome.

For me it would come down to the venue. I did it for UMbowl, the last year they did it at Park West. It was worth it, cause you can have room and a premium spot. But if you are already in a small place, it wouldn’t really matter. If you can afford it, I would experience it once for convenience alone.

These days I’d probably only do it for the reserved section in an otherwise shitty venue. Sets generally aren’t worth it and the cost is pretty steep for what you get.

I did it for Red Rocks 2012 and it was awesome, but there was a lot to that package and it was earlier in the VIP years so they probably hadn’t fully figured out they could charge more for less. Seems like the value proposition on some of the packages in recent years just isn’t that good from afar.


It’s all about getting those reserved sections in overcrowded venues. I did it years ago at Fillmore SS. Just having a section to breathe with a good view was worth the price (to me).

I wish they would split it up somehow. I’d like to do it in the future, but don’t want to get into the venue early for a VIP set and have to sit around. And I’d feel like I was getting ripped off if I missed it.

It’s worth it for red rocks in my opinion for the seating. The vip set is a cool bonus.

I felt like I got my money’s worth doing VIP for NYE. Did the GA early entry VIP and chilled on the tiers in the back and had a place to put my drink and hang my jacket and ideal sound and sightlines. No waiting in the cold, no coat check to deal with. With the VIP set, poster, and beanie it was worth the $480. Figure $70/night for early entry first 3 nights $100 for NYE early entry, $100 for the open bar VIP set. Leaves $70 for the hat and poster. Seems pretty fair. That said I probably wont do VIP again for at least a few years.

The downloads dont really add much value considering 99% of people who would do VIP have Nugs

I actually enjoy the free downloads despite having Nugs, because I like owning the shows that I’ve been to. Largely because I started collecting them well before I had heard of Nugs, but still - there are those of us that appreciate the free downloads. That said, they don’t factor in to me going VIP or not going VIP - they’re just a nice bonus.

can we talk for a second about how pathetic the UMVIP merch item was for UMBowl?

Reusable shopping bag and a reusable straw that they definitely bought at a gas station on the way there

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You forgot to @stringz about this.

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What was that a reply to?

A photo of some for sale sign that said “Sprayberry” on it

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