Umphrey's @ Indio

What are the deetz on the West Coast shows? My license is suspended, my passport is expired, but I can still hop on domestic flights to LA and SF and Seattle so let’s get some West Coast shows. I’ll trade in my Terrapin ticket if we can get some Hardly Strictly Umphrey’s EV Drive In.

It has come to my attention I can get tested in West Hollywood to see a sixth of the band and a slice of cheese next weekend. I already knew that, never leave that part of the country without getting tested to be honest.

But rapid test me a full six outta six socially distant show on the Left Coast. Anywhere please. Fuck I’ll go to Arizona for the venue Spafford played. Tool thought California was going to fall into the ocean so AZ is like New West Coast. Just please, let’s get some dates where your money stretches less and the weed is the best. :slight_smile:

Any rumors floating out there? I heard they were looking into more opportunities but not anything outside of Colorado west of the Mississippi. :frowning: