In no particular order, these have been my favorites from the first half of this otherwise shitty year

Mac Miller-Circles
Run the Jewels-RTJ4
Drive by Truckers-The Unraveling
Jason Isbell-Reunions
Tame Impala-The Slow Rush


so far:

kuzu purple dark opal
jeff parker suite for max brown
dan deacon mystic familair
against all logic 2017-2019
jeremy cunningham the weather up there
horse lords the common task
shabaka & the ancestors we are sent here by history
irreversible entanglements who sent you?
the necks three
chicago underground quartet good days
nicolas jaar cenizas
abrams-damon-mendoza-graham sometimes there were four
jim o’rourke steamroom 47
tomeka reid + alexander hawkins shards and constellations
tashi dorji + tyler damon to catch a bird in a net of wind
rose city band summerlong
jim white & marisa anderson the quickening
branch-rempis-ostvang-haker flaten tripel/dubbel
karl evangelsita apura!
brandon seabrook trio exuitations
quin kirchner the shadows and the light
anteloper tour beats, vol. 1
icepick hellraiser

Hum - Inlet
EOB - Earth


EOB and there’s no competition

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I love the Jason Isbell and Drive By Truckers releases. I didn’t realize Tame Impala released a new one! I’ll have to check that out.

listened to a little of that hum album and it sounds pretty rad. saving it for my good headphones.


Here’s a list of 2020 albums, in no order or genre. Hoping the rest of the year still has more in store as well! These are all fairly ‘mainstream’ I’d say. But, would love to check out some more indie rock/shreddy/jazz albums too…

What Kinda Music - Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes

Mordechai - Khruangbin

Resonate - Lettuce

The New Abnormal - The Strokes

New Me, Same Us - Little Dragon

Live at the Baked Potato - Soft Machine

Isolation Suite
& Age of Discovery - The New Deal

RTJ4 - Run The Jewels

Mountain of Memory - Emancipator

It Is What It Is - Thundercat

The Slow Rush - Tame Impala ( duh )

Some great ones already mentioned.

  • Lord Finesse Presents: Motown State of Mind

  • Holy Fuck - Deleter

  • Best Frenz/Joywave/Jason Suwito - 30% Off

  • Caribou - Suddenly

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Not sure how I forgot this one.

Jaga Jazzist - Pyramid


Did this not just come out today?

Looking forward to listening to it.

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I’m just realizing that now since I’ve had a leak for a few months. Tomita is probably the best song on the album but Apex is fucking dance party.


Lot of good albums in this thread. Have listened through a lot of them and definitely want to second ‘EOB - Earth’ and ‘Jason Isbell - Reunions’. Both are fantastic.

Shangri-La, Banksters, and Olympik were all standouts for me on “Earth.” Really, really cool album. Kind of got the impression that it was a concept album exploring his journey as a musician. So most likely I’m completely wrong or it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

I had heard of Jason Isbell before but never actually listened to him. It’s been quite a revelation thus far. Really dig the sound, there’s a ton of emotion in his music.

Definitely love this thread, has helped me find a good amount of music I may not have otherwise found or listened to.


Already love the new Disclosure album.

Glad to hear you’ve been digging Isbell. I hope you have explored his whole discography at this point? Southeastern and Here We Rest are must listens.

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Even I might have to include this on my list.

Also, three of the best songs he’s written are on Drive-By Truckers records. Outfit, Decoration Day and Goddamn Lonely Love.


I like the new the Cut Copy. Great cold synth pop. The Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas remix of Cold Water is great, too.

Speaking of Outfit, this live album is really nice with Patterson Hood guesting on the encore…

Yep, think I’ve listened to just about everything by now. Great recs, those were both great albums. Started out with some shows on Nugs, which also covered a lot of ground in terms of his discography. Some solid live shows out there - looking forward to catching one when all this blows over.

Didn’t realize he was also in Drive By Truckers until someone mentioned it here. I had listened to their 2020 album, but not much other than that. Oh well, down another rabbit hole I go…