The Dear Hunter (Casey Crescenzo Thread)

May be nothing more than a passing obsession but this has been on covid WFH shuffle for a hot minute.

A few tracks that have stuck with me:

More like slow Phish or Pink Floyd, 2/3rds in is subtle bliss… (give it the full listen of course)

For the Steve Wilson/Porcupine Tree fans (once again, give it a minute or two to develop)

Very much like 2nd/3rd tier contemporary jam/prog…

Need some disco?

Catchy rock song…

And if all else fails, listen to this until you find a song you like, because you will…


Also listen to gloria for the guitar solo.

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I want to like these guys, but I get too much of that 2000s emo vibe in too many parts of too many songs. And I hate that.

Thats what originally hooked me with their first two albums. Being I am a big early 2000s emo fan

It’s some of the worst music released in the past 20 years.

Sick opinion bro

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Since @AlexTheDictator tastes are more refined than ours, here is some classical music by Casey…

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I love that some of the themes in this mirror his rock/vocal songs.

Act II got me hooked. They are wonderful.

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Well fox and hound is literally an orchestration of the act albums. Amour and attrition is a standalone project though.

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Yes, I was specifically referring to The Fox and the Hound.

cut my wrists and black my eyes

Can you rec some emo bands that sound like The Dear Hunter?

Anyway, the more I delve I to this band I get more of a theatrical, almost show tunes kind of vibe, like it’s the soundtrack for a play (in a way I-VI are) that hasn’t been performed yet. Sorry @AlexTheDictator that you don’t like it. I’m sure you listen to some shitty music I wouldn’t like either :wink:

Hey I never said they were shitty. Just that some parts of some songs remind me of a really shitty genre.

A big ol’ tub of mayonnaise

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Definitely get that “emo vibe” from this song…:pensive:

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This is mad 2000s emo. I said I want to like this band. I really do. Because the first song posted is sick. But then every other track has a chorus like this and I cringe and immediately want to turn it off.

Each to their own. I enjoy the hooks.

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Getting all emo tonight