The Artist Evaluation Thread

Greetings. This thread is the ultimate merit badge of defending YOUR favorite band! Please copy/paste & fill in the blanks for your overrated submission!


Best Album:

Worst Album:

#1 Overrated Song:

#1 Underrated Song;

Artist: Metallica

Best album: Master of Puppets

Worst album: St. Anger

#1 overrated song: Enter Sandman

#1 underrated song: The Outlaw Torn


Artist: Umphrey’s McGee

Best Album: N/A

Worst Album: All of them

#1 Overrated Song: See above

#1 Underrated Song; Huh?

Why you do this to yourself: who fucking knows

Next time you’ll see them: This Friday


Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Album: Freaky Styley

Worst Album: The rest of their catalog

#1 Overrated Song: Under the Bridge

#1 Underrated Song: Blackeyed Blonde

This was the best lineup of the RHCP. Their 2nd studio album from 1985 was produced by George Clinton and was not a commercial success. As Flea has stated, “it was too punky for the Blacks, and too funky for the Whites”. The Peppers went to Michigan to record at Clinton’s studio, but were soon kicked out after Anthony Kieidis wrecked one of George’s snowmobiles.

Cliff Martinez* on drums brings a frenetic energy with a fast high-hat rhythm, while interlocking with Flea’s punk-funk grooves. Chad Smith is a great drummer but cannot play funk. He’s a John Bonham disciple. Jack Irons was in the OG lineup, (although he didn’t appear officially until Uplify MoFo in 1988. Irons was a better drummer as a member of Pearl Jam.
I love Frusciante, but he is not the guitarist of the RHCP. That is Hillel Slovak. His style of Andy Gill’s post punk scat, along with Garry “Diaper Man” Shider’s funk and Jimi Hendrix laid the foundation Frusciante had to fill. Ain’t no different that Jason having to fill Cliff’s shoes in Metallica.

*Cliff Martinez is also an accomplished composer. You have heard his scores accompany most Steven Soderbergh films (Sex, Lies, & Videotape, The Limey, Traffics,Contagion, Solaris), along with Narc, The Lincoln Lawyer, Drive, and Spring Breakers.


Bands formed after 1998 don’t count.

Please defend a band more h3tty.

(enjoy the drive-inn UM)

Re-Load is my least favorite.

Also @flyfishmich saw early RHCP in FLA after Hillel O’D with a replacement guitarist before Frusciante joined so I’m curious on his opinion with this era.

I didnt mind Load/ReLoad. However they could’ve trimmed the fat and just made one album instead of splitting them up over 2 albums like GnR did with Use Your Illusion. Each album has good songs but they also have a ton of filler. I used to have a mix CD that had the best tracks from both albums and later made it a playlist on my iPod.

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@opsopcopolis - Zeppelin & Beatles

@nsl - PJ, Tool,
& Soundgarden

@CarpetCrawler - Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, King Crimson

@Pookells - Slayer, G’n’R, Rush

@gatroe - jaga jazzist

@cshore - squeaky feet & goose

Keep it rolling with suggestions…

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I was a GnR fan till the early 90s, but I’ll take you up on the others!

Artist: Slayer

Best album: South of Heaven

Worst album: World Painted Blood

#1 overrated song: Seasons In The Abyss

#1 underrated song: Jihad (lyrically speaking its one of their most fucked up songs. Takes 9/11 from the Islamic extremist viewpoint)


Artist: Rush

Best album: Hemispheres

Worst album: Snakes & Arrows

#1 overrated song: Tom Sawyer (mainly because it’s very overplayed on classic rock radio)

#1 underrated song: Manhattan Project (from the generally unpopular Power Windows album)


Artist: Tool

Best Album: Lateralus, but Ænima is so close, IMO

Worst Album: Fear Inoculum, still love it though

#1 Overrated Song: Schism, by far

#1 Underrated Song: H., no Right in Two, no The Patient, fuck.


Schism is #1 overrated? I’d have to say that title belongs to Vicarious.

Vicarious is a better song, IMO so it deserves the the hype more than Schism. Neither are their best.

Interesting takes.

I’d say Slayer’s worst is Diabolus in Musica, though I’m not as familiar with their stuff post God Hates Us All.

For me Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are completely tied for number 1, I can’t decide.

Despite liking two songs on it, I think Hold Your Fire is garbage and I’d rank it below S&A.

Damn! I love both songs but I couldn’t disagree more that vicarious is a better song.

Schism is overrated but still amazing IMO.

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Sober is more overrated than both those songs and I love Sober

I like the lyrics better in Schism and the Vicarious lyrics are cringe-worthy at times. But it all comes down to the music. Schism hammers you with the bass line or a derivative of it for basically the whole song. Vicarious has a few more contrasting sections and I find the music more interesting, especially the break down section.

Arguably, one could say Uplift Mofo Party Plan (1987) was their best album, since it was recorded entirely with the original lineup. Also, it rocked harder and was more diverse in style than their previous offerings.

Since I saw them in December of 1988, Frusciante had already joined the band and it’s quite possible Smith was also a member by then.

Artist: the necks

Best Album: three

Worst Album: lol

#1 Overrated Song: lol

#1 Underrated Song; improvisation