The Aristocrats

This where fans of the greatest collective of individual music talent unite. US tour on sale and I’m hyped. I might even hit up Sacramento even though I know the setlist will be practically the exact same.


Always wanted to see these guys. Denver show is the same night as I was planning to hit MMJ at Red Rocks. Guess this is a great backup plan if I can’t get tickets to that or decide to go Friday instead.

That is a really, really hard decision and I don’t envy you.

MMJ at the Rocks would be almost impossible for me to pass up.

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Really want to make the Annapolis show happen, but might be on family vacation…

Definitely going to Boston. Should I be worried about this selling out?

Definitely going to the show here. August is shaping up nicely already

hmmm if I play my cards right I could hit the Denver show since I’ll be the for NIN the next week

come out here

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I wouldn’t think any date would sell out until the week of if it does at all. I’ve seen them every time they’ve come through and only one time did it even feel “crowded”.

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fly me and I will

drive from denver

Possible. Need work out my rental car budget. Or maybe I can get a family member to loan me their car haha

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These guys are amazing. I had a great time when I saw then in St. Louis in ~2015. Kinda bummed they’re skipping us this time around. Guthrie has to be one of the most talented and entertaining guitarists. I am amazed by how easily he is able to play exactly what he must hear in his head. When I saw them Marco had a little keyboard set up and was doing keyboard parts with one hand while still drumming.


Planning on Charlotte