Sweetwater 420 after party tickets

Tried getting tickets yesterday and today right when they went on sale and it immediately said they were sold out. Looking to buy some if anyone purchased extras, I have a bunch of friends looking for them so I’ll take whatever I can get. I’m gonna keep trying on axs in the meantime. Thanks fam

When was the last time a UM show had this much interest? Venue is 1k cap evidently and it’s not like they’re moving 2-3k tickets a show

@chickenhatguy i was the only one in my crew to get tix so I cannot be of help. Looking for extras as well

It’s looking like 420 fest is gonna be one of the best jam band fests this year, so definitely way more interest and demand than a standard umph show. Hoping I can snag tickets at some point, even if I gotta pay a premium.



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Please add me to the list after @chickenhatguy is satisfied

They’re already $70 a piece. How much higher you willing to go?

When they open with Señor Mouse and do a 20 min Hey 19 it’ll be worth the premium :triumph:

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Whatever you gotta tell yourself, kiddo.


Quite cheap compared to a cocaine habit


True. Just won’t spend $80 on blow that night and do all my friend’s sack instead. Galaxy brain

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which is less embarrassing than an Umphrey’s habit


I cant wait to do blow at Clermont during that show.


Update for everyone, my wife checked on her phone at like 2:00 this afternoon and somehow got 4 tickets right away. Not sure how that worked, I tried like 100 times. So I’m all set, but still got a few friends who couldn’t get any so if someone has extras I’m still interested. Relieved that we got them, woulda been bummed to be at 420 fest and miss the Umph after party!

Really hoping to get “Intro” crossed off the list added to my stats…

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This reminds me of the 2016 North Coast after party at the Concord Music Hall.

I wish I forgot about that show, what a shit venue.