Summer Camp 2020

I realize this is probably a stupid question considering many’s opinion of Scamp these days (and everyone being old/jaded to some degree), but is anyone going this year? I haven’t been back since 2017, but the lineup looks great this year and the girlfriend has a bachelorette party that weekend, so I need something to do.

Didn’t see a thread on this yet, so figured I’d kick one off. 80% chance I’m just not seeing an already existing thread, though.

Im considering doing Scamp and Bonnaroo this summer, but just don’t know if two camping festivals in about a month is a task I want to take on. Never been to Scamp but heard great things and also younger and less jaded than most on here probably. Lineup looks great too, any suggestions when looking to pull it off?

We’ve been fortunate enough to get free VIP tix the last 2 years from a buddy who works for a sponsor. If we get that offer again, we will jump on it for sure.

Too much shit going on this year for us to even think about it, w/o the allure of free tix. That def sucks, cuz that lineup is bomb this year. Ween alone bumps it up big time.

I had told myself after ‘06-‘08 that I’d likely not go back, unless I had VIP or an RV. I will say the bathrooms & VIP lounge shows def make it worth the extra $$, but not dumping that much before walking through the gates. My last 2 years have been really great experiences & I actually look forward to returning.

The biggest down side to general Summer Camp experience is the conditions of bathrooms & access to good water. If you can prepare for and deal with that, you will have a great time.

VIP is actually very much worth it on this, IMO. The air conditioned bathrooms & VIP late night shows in the tent are the shit.

Would definitely be doing VIP this time (and likely rolling solo), if I pull the trigger. Very much done with those gross GA bathrooms. Good to hear this perspective that there’s a marked facilities improvement for VIP. Didn’t even intend to want to go this year, but pulled up the site to check out the lineup and the nostalgia kicked me right in the balls.

Pretty sweet perk to land free VIP tickets like that.

Yeah, I couldn’t pull off Roo/Scamp in the same year. I’d probably die. Both are good options, though. I prefer Scamp, but don’t think you can go wrong.

Tons of tips around Facebook/Reddit, but I can also type some up once work slows down a bit.

Hilarious that you can add a case of beer with a VIP upgrade.

Don’t get me wrong here, the showers still aren’t great & the shitters are still a big trailer, but they’re air conditioned. That alone is a huge plus. The VIP lounge/tent has some great shows throughout the weekend, and that is a huge plus. Also, camping area is typically much more chill. Way easier to sleep, if you want to do so.

@What’s the best way to smuggle booze in to summer camp?@

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Just don’t have it in your cooler when you go through security. We keep a large cooler in the car, full of beer/ice, then just load a backpack up once a day & bring into campground.

One trick is to have a cooler with you as you go through the ‘security’ checkpoint, which they will take a look into, but the beer is in ur bag, which I’ve never seen them check. The security is typically just people volunteering for free tickets, so they’re typically pretty lax.

We have a backpack cooler also, which we load up for going to the stages:shows. Gotta head back to campsite to replenish from time to time, but it’s so worth the little bit of hassle vs spending all that extra $$ on beer/cocktails.

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I can’t tell for sure, but I think he was being sarcastic lol. Good advice, though.

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Yeah, after I had already typed that up & got a little more coffee in me, I thought about that. It has been discussed repeatedly on this board over the years, but not certain if that handle is someone who would be asking for real or not.

Oh well…

Hoop that shit like your paperwork on a level 4 yard

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I’ve never had a problem sneaking booze into Scamp. Your initial entrance is the only time they really search you. I’ve walked right by them with full coolers of beer dozens of times on day 2/3. Finding good yak on the other hand…

I’ve never been able to find a good Yak based meal at any of the vendors either, lol.

Definitely going back, I love Scamp personally if it doesn’t monsoon. 3 or 4 of the 5 years I’ve gone have been more than fine weather wise. Always do VIP.

yeah it’s asked every year, back in the day multiple times per thread. and now that I’ve had to explain it it’s significantly less funny haha.

Has anyone done summer camp and stayed in a hotel and not had a car? Is that even possible?

I’ll be there. Been 4 of the last 5 years (skipped 2018). This is the best lineup that I’ve seen for my tastes and will be my first Billy Strings show. VIP is a must. If enough of my friends go I might look to get people to throw in for a RV pass. Gets you a vehicle spot with enough room for multiple tents (especially if you just park a normal vehicle and not an RV.)

Per the bands’ websites it’s looking like JRAD on Friday and Billy on Sunday. UM also doing Thursday red barn per their VIP offering.

I know a slightly older couple from the Chicago area that do this. They get a room in the Peoria area & use uber/Lyft. I know part of their strategy is to wait until like 3/330am to head back to the hotel, to ease up on the costs. They had VIP passes last year, so they were able to hang in the VIP lounge/tent until they wanted to bounce.

I feel for the price of a hotel and uber/lyfts you could rent an RV with a bed and A/C and not have to deal with the hassle of getting ubers in and out for 4 days. Plus personally, fuck sitting in a uber for 20+ minutes on a headful after partying all day/night. I like having a bed to fall into within stumbling distance.

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