Steven Wilson

Seems like we’re on the verge of an announcement for something…

Lmao. What a video

So new album next Thursday?

I would guess a single, but I’d welcome an album!

Whoa. Seems like a whole viral marketing thing.

Bracing my self to hate it because it’s not HCE but love it because its SW

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I know the feeling. I am excited for whatever is coming, but I never really came around on To The Bone.

I loved a lot of TTB but raven and HCE are all time albums. Its unfair.

Raven > HCE > Grace for Drowning > To the Bone > Insurgentes

Disclaimer: All five albums are amazing

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I agree with this ranking.

Where does 4 1/2 fall into your rankings? I know it is an EP but I think it might be my favorite honestly.

I used to think Raven was the best, but I’ve since transitioned to thinking HCE is the best. It’s hard to include 4 1/2 since it isn’t a full album, but I would prob rank them:

HCE > Raven > 4 1/2 > GFD > TTB > Insurgentes

I love 4 1/2. If we’re comparing Wilson EPs to each other, how do y’all stack 4 1/2 against Nil Recurring? I gotta go with Nil Recurring. Such an amazing EP.

Nil Recurring is amazing but that’s Porcupine Tree.

I’d slot 4.5 behind Grace and ahead of To the Bone most likely. I’m a big fan of it but, alas, it’s just an EP.

Just saying, think EPs should be compared to each other and not full albums.

Also let’s be real here, Porcupine Tree discussions belong in this thread as much as his solo stuff. And the lines continue to get blurred as he plays more and more Porcupine Tree material in his solo sets.

WTF is going on?..

Well timed satire if you ask me. I like it. People taking this campaign seriously are a chuckle.

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Track names?