Standalone Stews and JOs

Didn’t see a topic yet discussing these. Listening to 11/2/06 today and I was inspired. I love the loose vibe of when they would do these as an intro jam.

Which are your favorites? Anyone have a nugs playlist?

Great thread. I don’t have much to contribute at the moment. Will take some digging. But off the top of my head (tbh I would’ve thrown out 11/2/06 as well; great call)

4/30/05 JO to open the second set
3/18/08 stew opener

Full disclosure, I’m not as familiar with the older shows as a lot of the Bort. But this thread will be fun to play with.

I absolutely love that 3/18/08 Stew Opener…they repeated it a month or two later in Ocean Billy on 5/3 which wasn’t as good. Wish they did something with it.

11/3/10 had a few cool Taurus based standalone jams.

2/10/2012 has a totally standalone composed stew in the first set (thought it was a debut at the time.)

I remember there being an opening stew at a show I saw in the last few years but not sure which one… maybe Providence 2018?

I dig the super weird 3/23/07 standalone Jimmy Stewart with lyrics.

i usually stand alone when i JO


I was thinking of this one as well. I’m pretty sure it’s 2018 but I’m too lazy to look.

When I JO.


Came here for this joke

There’s a short jam in 5/18/18 Providence and 3/7/18 Reso to open the shows. Not aware of any others in the past couple years.

I think redrocks 19 vip show had a standalone stew to start the set.



I’d like to add i wasn’t there, i’d never custy up for vip