Snarky Puppy

Bored today and going through some of my tapes on the archive. Thought I’d spam some highlights:

Binky from this show is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. They go full type 2 out of nowhere

Quarter Master with Robert Glasper. Gets waaaaay out there:

First show I saw. Some older stuff (Bring Us the Bright, Celebrity, Intelligent Design)

Phil Lassiter sitting in for one of his tracks Ego Trippin’ (also a pretty solid Binky with a We Want the Funk Tag and a great Mark Lettieri Floor intro):

Lingus with Mark and Bob trading guitar solos is pretty hot (also half time Bent Nails):

No track in particular really stands out in this one, but Cory is just all over the B3 all the way through:

Cool different lineup (Bill Laurance, no Bob, Brock on violin) with some different tunes (Outlier/Ready Wednesday) and a Krazno sit in:

Aight I’m done now

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Heres a board/mic recording I did -

They never let me take board feeds :weary:

very nice. love these guys. thanks!

Man I miss Snarky Puppy, they were my favorite band on the planet for a handful of years. The first time I saw them was at a house party in Ann Arbor in 2009, a friend of mine had a class at Berklee with Michael League and put us onto them and invited us to the party. Still one of the most epic parties i’ve ever been to. The first real show I saw was in 2010 at Papa Pete’s in Kzoo and RIck and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys showed up for a minute.

Pretty sure their guy didn’t like it. House guy hooked me up

Didn’t even know about these guys until they opened for UM at RR. They are spectacular. Finally saw them headline in Vegas last year and god damn was that great. Really good crowd too. Should be going to Bokante on Thursday :frowning: