RIP Neil Peart. Time to listen to a fuck ton of Rush

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fuck cancer

Fuck, that sucks.

Fuck cancer indeed. :cry:

Rush in Peace Neil

Lucky to catch them in Tulsa in 2015. An incredible 2 set show and encore. In my top 3 concerts seen.


Fucking sucks. An all time great and massive influence on me and all other proggers out there. Rush all day today. I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been able to see them almost 10 times in my life.


(Is not a complete sentence fuck you bort rules)

I have Exit Stage Left cued up. Sad day indeed. So much tragedy in his family from losing his first wife and daughter within a year of each other.

I really hope Geddy and Alex put together a tribute concert with a rotating cast of drummers or with other bands covering Rush.

RIP Neil. Ugh. Major dart in the balls.

RIP. Truly one of the best to ever play.

You can choose a ready guide
in some celestial voice,
if you choose not to decide
you still have made the choice.

Quite possibly my favorite lyrics of all time. I never miss the air drum opportunity either

RIP Neil, may your kit be even larger in heaven.

Haven’t read it yet, but Geddy and Alex did an interview with RS about Neil


So fucking glad I crossed seeing Rush off my bucket list in 2015


I only ever caught them on the Time Machine tour. I regret missing the last tour.

I don’t care for some of their records, but Rush remains one of my favorite bands. It’s so sad to read about the friendship that the band had and how Peart worked so long to retire and how quickly everything changed.

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This was a worthwhile read

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this sounds pretty great

I was interested how this might sound. Might go to the Charlotte show.

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Really looking forward to this. Can’t wait to hear Cygnus with Claypool’s dick heavy bass tone.

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