Rose City Band tonight free to a good borter home

Have one extra for Rose City Band tonight at Mississippi Studios; should be a great time

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Jealous, have fun man. Report back on how the show is, I don’t know anybody who’s seen them live yet.

Will do dude I’m stoked. Sounds like it’s gonna be their last one for a while too. Super tiny venue as well.

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didn’t see your tag until now. how was it?

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Ripley lost his voice so his other guitarist was on vox. Major bummer. Pretty awesome show overall though, pretty groovy little type 1 sections throughout. Would definitely check them out again

Short clip:

cc: @swb0nd


Bummer about the vox, but they sound great in that video! Looks like a super intimate venue too.

venue is pretty small, and is one of my favorites

the lighting is typically fairly lit. certainly not a dark-club vibe at all

from what i understand, musicians love to play there.