Recs for a bro who hasn't listened in like 3 years?

Hit me with the good shit bros. I like metal a lot.

The full set Ringo


Anaheim show from last year

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8/19/16 Knoxville, know it’s gonna be a heavy show with a Depth Charge > Go To Hell opener.

7/7/17 Central Park was a litty show.
Everyone forgets about that one cause it’s not on nugs check the archive.

7/23/17 Peoria, IL is a must listen. Eat w/improv, great stewart in Push the Pig they repeated at some point forget when. Escape wild card in Fir is a lot of fun. And the Onward & Upward kicks ass wish they kept that whole song intact.

Big highlight of 2018 was Red Rocks maybe attendance bias but honestly think it is the best RR run. 10/18/18 Urbana great show lots of bust outs.

2019 honestly can’t go wrong with entire Wax on Wax off Tour (Winter ter). Brooklyn steel run is a great starting point! Know everyone digs the Mantis but the Blue Echo night one is the type of improv that makes me chase this band.

Stone Pony 2019 set one is also one of my favs last year, and can’t go wrong with forty six and 2 to close set 2.

Not gonna lie this year hasn’t been as hot as last year to start. Think the caverns was a great show though had a blast watching it from the couch.

10/18/18 - If you like metal, this Wizard Burial Ground is for you.



If you dig the heavy stuff you need to hear the sadboi Brooklyn plungie

St. Pete Plunger > Brooklyn Plunger

11/22/19 Memphis > run like hell


i mean, obviously the biscuits will be the best answer, but ive listened to them recently!

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So some recent plungers, huh? in it,
now i guess i should re-up my nugs acct. or someone can hook it up. idk. you decide.

Last year’s Penns Peak show (3/21) was pretty hot all the way through.

That GYM is an all time great jam.

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8/30/19 Stone Pony Cut Off > Eat > Linear segment is one of the best from last year.

BK Plunger > St. Pete Plunger

Both 2.15.19 and 8.15.19 Plungers are huge, I can’t choose between them.

8.15.19 overall is a very metallic show, tons of classic peaking jams in Remind Me, Turn & Run, Driven to Tears, and Virtue.

Other good heavier jams:
8.17.19 DBK - features a sublime ambientish jam followed by crushing metal
8.3.19 Deeper - Myers crushes this jam, so aggressive on the kick drum on this
4.4.19 Linear and Mantis

Aspen Linear right? This is one of my favorites from 2019. HeavyAF.

Yeah, love this jam.

Some great recs above. I’d like to add some not necessarily heavy jams, but highlights that have stood out to me in the past couple years:

8/31/19 - Day Nurse (one of the most opened-up versions I’ve heard) & Night Nurse (with sax)
2/27/20 - Ocean Billy (pretty patient, dancey jam) - This whole show should be checked out, actually. Four-song second set!
2/15/19 - Bad Friday (with horns) - I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t show up on 2019 HoF
1/19/20 - Tinkle’s > Tribulations > Tinkle’s (love the transition from Tinks to Trib, love the cover)
2/1/20 - Suxity (nice soaring uplifting jam, best version of this song so far?)