Raw Stewage Suggestions?

I think this may be being discussed in a few different threads, but I am wondering if we could maybe start a list for Raw Stewage suggestions? Maybe going back four or five years?

This is different from “best” improv, although it could be one in the same. And it could be a repeated Stewart. But mostly a Lego that you feel would be a good foundation for a new song.

08.19.18: Kabump, “Lyrical Stewart”

“Chapter 20” lyrical stew from 1/27/17 all improv set. immediately comes to mind.


I definitely need a refresher on some lyrical stews but here goes;

07/07/18 WW&S

07/06/18 Phil’s Farm (Lyrical)

08/30/19 Cut Off

08/15/19 Driven to Tears

10/18/13 Great American (Lyrical)

03/29/19 Resolution

01/31/19 Robot World

08/23/19 Similar Skin

11/02/12 Robot World

07/16/15 Plunger

09/26/15 August

09/25/16 Higgins

07/03/16 August (Lyrical)

01/21/12 Domino Theory (Lyrical)

10/18/2012 Spires

02/16/19 Mantis

06/23/19 Blue Echo

01/22/17 Robot World

04/18/13 No Comment

03/16/13 In the Kitchen

10/25/14 All in Time (Lyrical)

02/09/2012 Spires

07/02/16 Speak Up

01/20/2012 Conduit

02/07/13 Nemo (Lyrical)

03/10/16 Mantis (Lyrical)

10/22/16 The Bottom Half

02/01/14 In the Kitchen


9/2/11 Kitchen
10/29/14 HBB
7/16/15 Plunger
1/22/17 Robot World
4/14/07 Nemo>Bridgeless
10/9/08 Plunger
4/3/09 Phil’s Farm
7/10/09 Great American
8/5/10 Robot World (lyrical)
10/18/07 2nd Self
2/28/10 The Fuzz
7/14/11 Much Obliged
9/14/11 Visions>QBert

1/20/12 Conduit was awesome and super composed. Multiple distinct and cool sections. I’d like that to come back in some form.

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If they brought this back for Umbowl i would be happy. I could pass on any other raw stewage

1.18.13 Linear. So crunchy

I like the jam but feel like it wouldn’t benefit from RS treatment.

Please don’t take this from me

Isnt it true that 12/03/04 FF and/or the 02/10/06 FF was on a ballot and didn’t make it? Maybe 2013. Such a gut punch

3/23/07 Jimmy Stewart before Roulette

05/22/03 - Intro

Please please listen to this, it’s so good and already has the structure of a full song. It’s the closest thing to ska that I’ve ever heard them do, very unique but also very Bayliss. I heard it right after the last UMBowl and have been wanting to see it on a ballot

Despite being a ska fan, I didn’t really care for the ska sections. I did like Stasik’s bassline in that section though. The rest of the JS put a big shit eating grin on my face. And that ending lyrical with Jake and Bayliss was awesome.